Frequently Asked Questions



Who can use eServices?
All contracted providers are eligible to use eServices through Beacon’s eServices website at
Do I need special software?
No special software is required to use eServices.
What functions can I perform on eServices?
Beacon’s eServices offers providers a host of clinical and administrative tools aimed at allowing providers easier more efficient access to Beacon:
  • Verify member eligibility
  • Request authorizations
  • Check the status of authorizations
  • Submit claims
  • Check the status of claims
  • Print EOBs and other reports
  • Change practice information
  • View or print claim performance reports.
How do I sign up for eServices?
You may sign up for eServices online at the eServices website at Alternatively, the link can be found on our homepage at The process is quick and easy
What are the benefits of eServices?
There are many benefits to using eServices. Providers are able to access eServices 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week at a time convenient for you.

Providers using eServices for claim submission have a higher claim approval rate due to fewer errors in claim submission. There is also a reduction in administrative costs associated with paper claims and postage. Authorization requests submitted via eServices will be given preference over those submitted on paper.

See our eServices page on to find out about all of the benefits to providers who use eServices.
Who can I contact for a problem with eServices?
You may call our eServices Help Line at (866) 206-6120 or email us at
Am I eligible for EDI?
Beacon accepts standard HIPAA 837 Professional and Institutional health care claims transactions as well as provides 835 transactions to providers in return. Download Beacon’s 837 and 835 companion guides from for information regarding testing and setup of EDI transactions with Beacon. Technical and business related questions regarding EDI can be directed to
Is there a user manual for eServices?
Yes - you may view or print a copy by clicking here: eServices Manual
What if I lost my password?
As with all secure log in information, you should keep your username and password in a secure place. Should you forget your password, simply click the “Forgot your password?” link on the eServices login page. You will be prompted to enter your username and answer your security question. You will then be allowed to reset your password.
Who should serve as the Account Administrator for my organization?
Each provider organization with eServices user accounts is required to designate an Account Administrator to manage those eServices user accounts and permissions assigned to the provider organization. The Account Administrator must be the contract manager or designated manager at that provider organization. If you feel for some reason that the Account Administrator status is not assigned to the appropriate individual, please contact Beacon at or at 781-994-7556.
How can I change the Account Administrator for my organization?
If the designated eServices Account Administrator at your provider site is not the contract manager or designated manager, please contact Beacon at or at 781-994-7556.
Am I the contract manager for my organization?
The Account Administrator for each provider’s eServices users must be the contract manager at that provider organization or a designated manager. The contract manager at an organization is the individual responsible for signing the provider contract with Beacon Health Strategies.
What should I do if my account is locked?
If your account is locked, you must see the eServices Account Administrator at your provider organization. Only this individual can unlock your access to eServices once it is locked.

To prevent being locked out of your account, never share your username or password with another individual. Sharing of log in information is prohibited and will result in deactivation of the affected account(s).
How can I change my password?
To change your eServices password, simply login to eServices using your username and current password. Select the “My Account” button at the top of the page to change your user information and password.
What if I want to submit a claim for a clinician that is not listed as an option?
If you need to submit a claim for a clinician that is not listed in the drop down option on the claims submission page, contact our network department at 781-994- 7556 to have the clinician added.

Facilities may add clinicians online through eServices in the Provider Information menu option.

Alternatively, claims can be entered for clinicians not on the roster by entering the clinician NPI on the claim submission page under the service line information.
How do I resubmit a claim?
To resubmit a claim, select the “Submit a Claim” option under the claims tab. Enter the original claim RecID and click the “Resubmission” option. Please note RecID, found in the EOB, is required for a resubmission.

You can also resubmit a claim from the “Check Claim Status” feature. Enter the information of the member for which you wish to resubmit the claim. On the following screen, select “Check Claim Status”. Search for the claim you wish to resubmit on the following page by month or year. Once you have found the claim, simply choose the “Resubmit” option. Edit incorrect information and click “Submit eClaim”.
Where do I find a member’s Initial Encounters?
A member’s initial encounters can be viewed in the Claims tab by selecting the “Claims Status” option. The Claim Status page for each member will detail the number of visits the selected has used during the current calendar year. Note that the number of visits displayed reflects those visits that have been claimed at that time.
How can I save authorization requests (eORFs) and view them later?
Providers can save authorizations mid-entry and return to them at any time. Simply use the “save” button found at the bottom of each authorization request screen. To go back to the authorization, simply return to the “Manage Pending eORFs” page, where you will find a list of saved authorizations.
Who can submit authorizations after they are saved?
Any user can submit the authorizations that you have created under your user name. Some users will be given management rights by their Account Administrator, allowing that person to view and submit all users’ eORFs.